This discography is broken down into the following sections:

Marquee Moon

LP (USA) Elektra 7E-1098, 1977
LP (UK) Elektra K52046 1977
LP (Germany) Elektra ELK 52046, 1977; GEMA made in Germany by WEA Musik GMBH, a Warner Brothers Communication Company
LP (Japan) Warner Pioneer P-10308E (on circular paper label on vinyl) 1977 (but P-11070 W on front cover)
LP (Spain) Hispavox HKS 541-49 (WL) 1977
LP (USA) 4 Men With Beards 4M501 2003
CD (USA) Elektra 1098-2, November, 1987
CD (Japan) WEA Music K.K. Elektra 20P2-2107 1987
CD (Germany) Elektra/Asylum/Warner 7559-60616-2 1987
CD (UK) Elektra 10982 1999
Cassette (France) Elektra 7559-60616-4 1977
Cassette (USA) Elektra 1977
8-Track Electra ET-81098 1977

See No Evil (3:56)
Venus (3:48)
Friction (4:43)
Marquee Moon (9:55) *
Elevation (5:08)
Guiding Light (5:36)
Prove It (5:04)
Torn Curtain (7:00)

Guiding Light co-written by Richard Lloyd

Tom Verlaine: Lead vocals, guitar, keyboards
Richard Lloyd: Guitar, vocals
Fred Smith: Bass, vocals
Billy Ficca: Drums

(Solos on See No Evil, Elevation, Guiding Light: Richard.
Solos on Venus, Friction, Prove It, Torn Curtain: Tom.
Marquee Moon: Richard after second chorus, Tom after third)

(* The ending of the song Marquee Moon on the LP, Cassette and 8-Track fades out; this fade-out begins at about 9:42, and the song ends at 9:55. On the 1987 CD entitled Marquee Moon and the 1998 CD entitled The Best of Television & Tom Verlaine, the song does not fadeout, but instead ends with a crescendo at 10:41. According to knowledgeable sources, the CD version of the song Marquee Moon uses a different mix that was available from the 1976-77 studio sessions for the LP . Use of this different mix for the CD version of the song, was done by Elektra without Television's knowledge. Lenny Kaye recalls that in late 1976 (or early 1977) Elektra gave Verlaine an advance tape of the rough mixes of Marquee Moon. Kaye listened to the rough mixes and told Verlaine that he preferred the non-fadeout, but Verlaine said that he preferred the fade-out version. The LP mix and the CD mix of the song Marquee Moon are, however, identical for the first 9:55. The incorrect time of 9:58 is written on the cover of the CD entitled Marquee Moon)

CD (US) Rhino / Elektra 72930 2003
Remastered and reissued as a Digi-Pak CD with bonus tracks and liner notes by Alan Licht.

See No Evil (Verlaine) (3:58)
Venus (Verlaine) (3:54)
Friction (Verlaine) (4:45)
Marquee Moon (Verlaine) (10:41)
Elevation (Verlaine) (5:10)
Guiding Light (Lloyd/Verlaine) (5:37)
Prove It (Verlaine) (5:05)
Torn Curtain (Verlaine) (7:10)

Little Johnny Jewel, Pt. 1 & 2 (Verlaine) (7:09)
See No Evil #2 (Verlaine) (4:40)
Friction #2 (Verlaine) (4:52)
Marquee Moon #2 (Verlaine) (10:45)
[instrumental] (Verlaine) (3:22)

See No Evil #2, Friction #2 and Marquee Moon #2 are alternate versions of the album tracks.
Little Johnny Jewel, Pt. 1 & 2 are the two sides of the band's first ever Ork single now finally joined together on CD.
The un-named instrumental track is actually the backing track for O Mi Amore (which surely dates from the Adventure sessions rather than the Marquee Moon ones).


LP (USA) Elektra 6E-133 1978
LP (UK) Elektra K52072 1978
LP (UK) on red vinyl Elektra K52072 1978
LP (France) Elektra 52072 1978
LP (Japan) Warner Pioneer Elektra P-10499E 1978
LP (Yugoslavia) Suzy/Elektra 82072 1978
(USA) LP, 4 Men With Beards 4M507, 2003
CD (USA) Elektra 133-2, August 1988
CD (Japan) WEA Music K.K. Elektra 18P2-2692
CD (Germany) Elektra/Asylum/Warner 960 523-2
Cassette (USA) Elektra TC-5133 1978
Cassette (Canada) Elektra TC-5133 1978
8-track (USA) Elektra ET-8133 1978

Glory (3:10)
Days (3:12)
Foxhole (4:49)
Careful (3:15)
Carried Away (5:09)

The Fire (5:54)
Ain't That Nothin' (4:52)
The Dream's Dream (6:39)

Tom Verlaine: Lead vocals, guitar, keyboards
Richard Lloyd: Guitar, vocals
Fred Smith: Bass, vocals
Billy Ficca: Drums

Days co-written by Richard Lloyd

(Solos on Days and Ain't That Nothin': Richard.
Solos on others ('switchblade' guitar on The Fire): Tom.)

CD (US) Rhino / Elektra 72930 2003
Remastered and reissued as a Digi-Pak CD with bonus tracks and liner notes by Alan Licht.

Glory (3:11)
Days (3:14)
Foxhole (4:48)
Careful (3:18)
Carried Away (5:14)
The Fire (5:56)
Ain’t That Nothin’ (4:52)
The Dream’s Dream (6:34)

Adventure (5:38)
Ain’t That Nothin’ (single version) (3:55)
Glory (early version) (3:39)
[Ain't That Nothin' (run-through) (9:47)]

Adventure and Glory (early version) are the versions which have previously circulated on the Adventure Out-takes bootleg, which was eventually 'released' as I Need A New Aventure by Punk Vault in 2003.
Ain't That Nothin' (run-through) is a "hidden track" and, although Licht talks about it in the liner notes, it's not mentioned on the CD track listing on or inside the packaging.


LP (USA) Capitol SPRO-79455/79456, Promo Only, 2000 copies made, 1992
LP (UK) Capitol ESTU 2181 1992
LP (Germany) Capitol 7983306 1 2 1992
CD (USA) Capitol CDP 0777 7 98396 2 9 1992
CD (Japan) Toshiba EMI Ltd. Capitol TOCP-7398
CD (Holland) Capitol CDP 0777 7 98396
Cassette (USA) Capitol 7 98396-1-3 1992

1880 Or So (3:38)
Shane, She Wrote This (4:19)
In World (4:07)
Call Mr. Lee (4:15)
Rhyme (4:45)

No Glamour For Willi (4:58)
Beauty Trip (4:21)
The Rocket (3:32)
This Tune (3:41)
Mars 4:56

All songs by Tom Verlaine, music by Television

Tom Verlaine: Vocals, guitar,
Richard Lloyd: Guitar
Fred Smith: Bass, vocals, guitar
Billy Ficca: Drums

(Solos on 1880 or So, In World, chorus of Call Mr Lee, lead theme of Rhyme, slide guitar in Beauty Trip: Richard. Solos on others : Tom.)

The Blow Up

Cassette (USA) Reachout International Records (ROIR) A114, 1982

LP (France) Danceteria DANLP030 1992
CD (France) Danceteria DANCD030 Date ? (Licensed from ROIR)

CD (UK or France?) ROIR Europe / Danceteria RE114CD 1992 (Licensed from ROIR)
Re-issue with different sleeve (digipack)

CD (France) ROIR RUSCD 8249 1999
Digitally re-mastered and re-edited re-issue with different sleeve

Recorded live in 1978

The Blow Up (Fire Engine, written by Hall, Sutherland, Erickson) (4:00)
See No Evil (3:22)
Prove It (4:59)
Elevation (4:49)
I Don't Care (3:04)
Venus De Milo (3:30)
Foxhole (5:04)
Ain't that Nothin' (6:14)
Knockin' On Heaven's Door (written by Bob Dylan) (7:49)
Little Johnny Jewel (14:55)
Friction (5:01)
Marquee Moon (14:44)
Satisfaction (written by Jagger/Richards) (3:18)

LP (Double) (USA) ROIR
Coloured vinyl

The Blow-Up
See No Evil
Prove It
I Don't Care

Venus De Milo
Ain't That Nothin'
Knockin' On Heavens Door

Little Johnny Jewel

Marquee Moon

Live at The Academy NYC, 12.4.92

CD (USA) Ohoo Music 2003
Sold at gigs in 2003

1880 or So
This Tune
Beauty Trip
No Glamour for Willi
Call Mr Lee
Prove It
The Rocket
In World
Marquee Moon

Live at The Old Waldorf, San Franciso, 6/29/78

CD (USA) Rhino Handmade RHM2 7846 2003
Only available online from Rhino Handmade in a limited edition of 5,000.

LP Rhino (2 LP), R17846
on 180-gram white vinyl as part of Record Store Day 2011,
in a numbered limited edition of 3,000.

The Dreams' Dream (7:20)
Venus (3:46)
Foxhole (5:25)
Careful (3:25)
Ain't That Nothin' (6:47)
Little Johnny Jewel (11:53)
Friction (4:50)
Marquee Moon (15:45)
(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction (written by Jagger/Richards) (6:30)

The Best of Television & Tom Verlaine

CD (Japan) East-West / WEA Records AMCY-2562 1998

Elevation (5:05)
Glory (3:08)
See No Evil (3:51)
Souvenir From A Dream (3:45)
The Fire (3:53)
Ain't That Nothin' (4:49)
The Blue Robe (3:53)
Without A Word (3:15)
Venus (3:49)
Days (3:11)
Flash Lightning (3:51)
Guiding Light (5:33)
Friction (4:42)
Kingdom Come (3:40)
Marquee Moon (10:38)

The Complete Elektra Recordings

CD (US) Rhino/Elektra November 2005

The complete Rhino rereleased versions of Marquee Moon, Adventure and Live at The Old Waldorf, including Bonus Tracks and Liner Notes.

HiFive Television

(US) Rhino Entertainment Company March 2007

See No Evil (Remastered) (3:58)
Friction (Remastered) (4:44)
Ain't That Nothin' (Remastered) (4:52)
Days (Remastered) (3:14)
Foxhole (Live In San Francisco 1978) (5:25)

Rhino Hi-Fives are "the first ever product line created exclusively for digital retail comprising five-song bundles from a cracking range of artists" - essentially the digital equivalent of the old Greatest Hits E.P.

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   (As the Neon Boys)

That's All I Know (Right Now) (2:30) / Love Comes In Spurts (2:59)

(backed with Time / Don't Die by Richard Hell & The Voidoids)

(USA) 7" EP Shake Records SHK 101 45rpm 1980 (with picture sleeve).

Both songs on A-side written by Tom Verlaine/Richard Hell

The press release that came with the single, written by Richard Hell, says in part... "That's All I Know (Right Now) and Love Comes In Spurts were recorded in late 1973. It was the final effort of the group we tentatively (never finding the second guitarist we needed to gig) called The Neon Boys. We'd formed about six months earlier. It was my first group and my first bass. The tape was made at the cheapest four track studio we could find advertised in the paper - a man's basement in Brooklyn. The only way we've tampered with the recording is to remix it - no new overdubs. We've left it in mono since no single instrument could be located to send through a speaker because each track on the tape carries more than one instrument/vocal."

Also: rereleased on purple vinyl
(UK) 7" single Overground Records OVER011 1990 (with picture sleeve)

   (As the Neon Boys)

That's All I Know (Right Now) (2:37) / Love Comes In Spurts (3:03) / High Heeled Wheels (3:16)

(backed with Time / Don't Die by Richard Hell & The Voidoids)

All three songs on A-side written by Tom Verlaine/Richard Hell, Double Exposure Music/Automatic Music

(UK) 12" single Overground Over 19 45rpm 1991 (with picture sleeve, on clear vinyl).

Little Johnny Jewel (Part One) (3:30) / Little Johnny Jewel (Part Two) (4:00)

Recorded August 19th, 1975 on a 4-track tape machine.
(USA) 7" single Ork Records 81975 1975

Marquee Moon (Part I) (3:13) / Marquee Moon (Part II) (6:45)

(UK) 7" single Elektra K.12252 1977
(reached no. 30 in the UK charts, April 1977)
(Germany) 7" single Elektra ELK 12252 1977 (with picture sleeve)

(Spain) 7" single Electra/Hispa Vox 45-1519 1977

Marquee Moon (Stereo) (9:58) / Marquee Moon (Mono) (9:58)

(UK) 12" single Elektra K 12252 1977

Special Limited Edition

Prove It (5:04) / Venus (3:48)

(UK) 7" single Elektra K 12262 1977
(reached no. 25 in the UK charts, July 1977)

Prove It (5:04) / Venus (3:48)

(Spain) 7" single Electra/Hispa Vox 45-1595 1977

Prove It (5:04) / Venus (3:48)

(UK) 12" single Elektra K 12262 1977
(also, limited edition on green vinyl)

Venus (3:48) / Friction (4:43)

(Japan) 7" single Warner Pioneer Elektra P98E 1977

Foxhole (4:49) / Careful (3:15)

(UK) 7" single Elektra K12287 1978
(reached no. 36 in the UK charts, April 1978)

Foxhole (4:49) / Careful (3:15)

(UK) 12" single Elektra K12287 1978 (red vinyl)
Came with picture sleeve in one of the following colors: green, yellow, red, blue.

Special Limited Edition

Glory (3:10) / Carried Away (5:09)

(UK) 7" single Elektra K 12306 1978
(Germany) 7" single Elektra ELK 12 306 N (with picture sleeve)

Glory (3:10) / Ain't That Nothin' (3:51)

(USA) 7" single Elektra E-45516 1978

Ain't That Nothin' (Stereo) (3:51) / Ain't That Nothin' (Mono) (3:51)

(USA) 7" single Elektra E-45516 1978 radio station promo only

Ain't That Nothin' (Stereo) (3:51) / Ain't That Nothin' (Mono) (3:51)

(USA) 12" single Elektra E-45516 1978 radio station promo only

Little Johnny Jewel (Studio) / Little Johnny Jewel (Live)

(UK) 12" single Ork Records Ltd. NYC 1T 1979 (with picture sleeve)

   (As the Neon Boys)

That's All I Know (Right Now) (2:37) / Love Comes In Spurts (3:03) / High Heeled Wheels (3:16)

(UK) CD single Overground OVER 19CD 1991
(same as 12" vinyl release)

Call Mr Lee (4:15)

(USA) CD single Capitol DPRO 79452 1992
Promotional only.

In World (4:07)

(USA) CD single Capitol DPRO 79557 1992
Promotional only.

Call Mr. Lee (4:16) / In World (4:07) / 1880 Or So

(USA) CD single Capitol DJ670 1992
Promotional only.

The Revolution (3:13) / Big Jo (0:35) / Hoo (4:56)

(France) CD single EMI SPCD 1619 1992
Promotional item given away with the 1992 Television CD in a sealed package.
This appeared only in French FNAC stores.

Little Johnny Jewel (Part One) (3:30) / Little Johnny Jewel (Part Two) (4:00)

(Spain) 7" single Munster, coloured vinyl 2001
This isn't, in fact, an official release, but a pirate/counterfeit copy of the original Little Johnny Jewel single. The label is blank on both sides. The reverse of the sleeve says, "True Life Presents Television". I've listed it here as, technically, it isn't a bootleg, being the original Television recording.

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Aquarium Drunkard presents: L’Aventure
:: Television’s Adventure Reimagined

A tribute compilation CD. (More info. here)

Track listing:
The Henry Clay People: Glory
Foreign Born: Days
The Happy Hollows: Foxhole
Local Natives: Careful
The Deadly Syndrome: Carried Away
Imaad Wasif w/ Lykke Li: The Fire
Dirt Dress: Ain’t That Nothin’
The Growlers: The Dream’s Dream

"A local music compilation featuring eight Los Angeles artists paying tribute to Television’s sophomore LP, Adventure."
(US) Download as mp3 or FLAC here: Aquarium Drunkard 2010

Anastasia Screamed

Marquee Moon

On the album Pipeline! Live Boston Rock On W.M.B.R. (Various)

CD (US) Slow River Records, VA016, 1996

Army Of Halfwits

Marquee Moon

On the album 25 Years of CBGB'S

A collection of covers of songs by various "CBGB's bands". (Also includes a cover of Love Comes In Spurts by Andi Sexgang)

CD (UK) Dressed to Kill, Metro706, 2001

The Beatitudes


On the album The Gold Upstream

LP (Germany) Pastell POW 13 1989



On the album The Future

(Sweden) mp3, download, cassette - iM Electronic IMUSICIANA9830 2008


See No Evil (live)

On the album Official Bootleg Live

CD (Japan) TOCP-7229


Love Comes In Spurts (performed live on gigs in 2002)

See No Evil (performed live on gigs in 2003)

Blue Aeroplanes

Breakin' In My Heart

on the album Warhol's 15 (The Best of the Blue Aeroplanes 1985-1988)

CD Fire 0800264430342 2003

David Bowie

Kingdom Come (3:42)

on the album Scary Monsters

(UK) LP RCA RCLP 20175 1980
(USA) LP RCA AQL1-3647 1980
(USA) CD Rykodisc RCD-20147 1992
(USA) CD RCA PCD1-3647 1992
(UK) CD Virgin 21895 1999
(Japan) CD EMI 799331 1999
(USA) Cassette Rykodisc 147 1992
(UK) Cassette Rykodisc RACS-0147 1999
(USA) Cassette RCA AQK1-3647 1999

and on Sound + Vision (Box)

(UK) LP Rykodisc RALP-0120/21/22 1989
(USA) LP Rykodisc 120 1989
(UK) CD Rykodisc RCD-90120/21/22 1989
(UK) Cassette Rykodisc RACS-0120/21/22 1989
(USA) Cassette Rykodisc 120 1989

Paula Carino

Postcard From Waterloo (3:31)

Hear it HERE

Chrome Cranks

Little Johnny Jewel (7:04)

on the Vice Squad Dicks E.P.

(US) 7" vinyl PCP Entertainment PCP-011 1994
(US) CD, Maxi PCP Entertainment PCP-011 1994

The Church

Friction (5:11)

on the Box of Birds album

(UK) CD Thirsty Ear 57073 1999

Lloyd Cole and The Commotions


B-side of the 12" Forest Fire single.

and also included, along with a live version (from 1984), on the Rattlesnakes [Deluxe Edition] reissue.

CD (UK & Europe) Polydor 982 182-0 2004

Chris Connelly

Souvenir From A Dream (4:01)

on the Come Down Here single

(UK) 12" Single Devotion Records 12DVN108 1992
(UK) CD Single Devotion Records (CDDVN108) 1992

and on the Phenobarb Bambalan album

(USA) CD Wax Trax! 7189 1992
(USA) CD Wax Trax 7189 1993
(USA) Cassette Wax Trax 7189 1993
(USA) Cassette TVT 7189 1993

Dallas Crane

Marquee Moon (performed live)

performed live at ‘Tote Jukebox’ Unholy Collaborations @ Tote (23rd Feb 2011) in Melbourne, Australia.

Hear/watch it HERE

The dB's

See No Evil (performed live)

performed live at Maxwell's, Hoboken, NJ, December 7, 1986

Dean's List

Marquee Moon (12:22)

Hear it HERE



Hear it HERE

Echo & the Bunnymen

Friction (4:44)

on the Bedbugs & Ballyhoo EP,

(Germany) 7" WEA 248135-7 1987
(Germany) 12" WEA 248134-0 1987
(USA) 12" Sire 0-20838 1987

and New, Live & Rare CD

(Japan) CD WEA 22P2-2155 1988

and on People Are Strange

(USA) EP WEA 358-2 1991
(USA) CD WEA 358 1991

and on Crystal Days - 1979-1999

(USA) CD Rhino 74263 2001

Eddie Garcia/Rick Randall/Tim Nolan/Andy Mabe

See No Evil (3:55)
Venus (3:48)
Elevation (4:57)
Marquee Moon (11:34)
Friction (4:40)

performed live at Monstercade in Winston-Salem, NC., 12/15/18.

Hear/watch it HERE


Breakin' In My Heart (3:25)

on the Sad Astrology album

(USA) CD Dr. Dream 9038 1990

The Feelies (with Peter Buck)

See No Evil

(performed live) at 40 Watt Club, Athens, GA. March 7, 1987



on the Hello Kids compilation album

(Sweden)CD Startracks STAR 7034-2 1998

Five Eight

Marquee Moon

(performed live) at 40 Watt Club - Athens, GA, 12/5/09

Chris Forsyth & The Solar Motel Band

Little Johnny Jewel (performed live)
Hear it HERE

Friction (performed live)
Hear it HERE

Chris Forsyth & Shawn Edward Hansen

Moon, I Ain't Waiting

on the Dirty Pool vinyl album

(US) Ultramarine UM002 2009
This is is not a complete cover version of Marquee Moon but, rather, a hypnotic, delicate piece in which Forsyth's uncluttered guitar explores and teases around the recognisable guitar figures from that song, over Hansen's Farfisa base.

Chris Forsyth & The Solar Motel Band

I Ain't Waiting

on the Intensity Ghost album

(US) CD & LP No Quarter Records NOQ041 October 2014
An evolution of the piece mentioned above.

Hear it HERE

Amanda Green

Guiding Light (6:08)

Hear it HERE

Terry Hall

See No Evil (4:04) (live)

on the Rainbows EP

(UK) EP Anxious 1033 1995

Hüsker Dü

Glory (performed live)

Joe Jackson

See No Evil

on the Fast Forward album

(Europe) CD, Album, Ear Music ‎– 0210650EMU 2015


Marquee Moon (performed live)

Available on Jounce Live at Porter's Tap Room on 2004-12-18
Downloadable (for free) HERE

Julie's Haircut

Who is He and What is He to You? (Little Johnny Jewel)

on the Downtown Love Tragedies, pt 1 & 2 EP

(Italy) Gamma Pop Gpop 022 2013
Although this is not a complete cover of the Television song, the Italian band's cover of Bill Withers' Who Is He And What Is He To You? incorporates/is built around the bass line/guitar structure of Little Johnny Jewel.

Tommy Keene

Guiding Light (5:47)

on Excitement at Your Feet CD

(USA)(UK) Second Motion 2013

Kronos Quartet

Marquee Moon (4:12)

on Rubáiyát - Elektra's 40th Anniversary double CD

(USA) CD Elektra 60940 1990
(UK) CD Elektra/Asylum 60940-2 1990
(USA) Cassette Elektra 60940-4 1990

Peter Laughner

Venus (performed, acoustic with Don Harvey live in Ann Arbor, MI February 1976)


Marquee Moon (10:31)

Recorded during Covid lockdown June, 2020 in Auckland, Austin, Los Angeles and San Francisco - by Lee Wall, Dean Wareham, Sean Eden and Justin Harwood.
Mixed by Justin Harwood.

Hear it HERE.

Marie Et Les Garçons

Little Johnny Jewel

on the album 76/77

(France) Instant Records IR001 1977


Love Comes In Spurts (Toxic Fuck Mix)

on the album Cambodia Soul Music

(US) Vinyl, Disastro-Mix,DMX 3 1991

Bob Mould

Glory (performed live)

Number One Cup

Little Johnny Jewel

B-side of 7" of Remote Control and CD single of Remote Control

(UK) 7" Cooking Vinyl 1999
(UK) CD single Cooking Vinyl 1999

Orchestre Rouge

(with Philippe Pascal)

on the album Des Restes Live et Inédits

(France) LP New Rose OR8183 1984
(France) LP Autoprod OR 8183 85 1985

Papas Fritas

Flash Lightning

on the album Pop Has Freed Us

(US) CD Minty Fresh ‎– mf-51 2003


Little Johnny Jewel

on the compilation CD Punkadelia - Celebración del 20° aniversario del punk

(Spain) CD El Colectivo Karma KARMA 016 1996

The Rain Parade

Ain't that Nothin'

on the Beyond the Sunset album

(USA) LP Restless 72086-1 1985
(UK) LP Wave/Enigma IMA 17 1985
(USA) Cassette Restless 72086-4 1985

Also: Glory, Live in Atlanta 2013.

Simon Raymonde


on the Blame Someone Else album

(UK) CD Bella Union BELLACD 01 1997

Real Estate


Recorded in 2021 to mark the 10-year anniversary of their album Days

Hear it HERE.

Red Jacket Mine

Venus (performed live)


See No Evil

(USA) 7" REM fanclub Limited Edition, single on green vinyl Christmas 1988. U-23518M

and on the Rare Frequencies CD collection

The Revelators

Love Comes in Spurts


Little Johnny Jewel

on the Space Suit 42 7" Single

(Australia) PolyEster Records LUV 19 1990


Carried Away

on the CD and 7" vinyl Leopard Skin Swatch single

(Spain) Radiation Records RARECD025 1996

Siouxsie & The Banshees

Little Johnny Jewel (4:56)

on the album Through The Looking Glass

(UK) LP Polydor SHELP4 1987
(UK) CD Geffen CD 24134 1987
(UK) Cassette Geffen CS 241341990

Sister Grey

Venus (performed live)

Soft Pyramids

See No Evil (3:56)

Hear it HERE

Sonic Youth

That's All I Know (Right Now)

on the Kool Thing 12" single

(USA) Vinyl DGC-GEF 81T, DGC 7599-21616-0 1990
and on the Disappearer CD Maxi-single

(USA) DGC-9 21623-2 1990

Chris Stamey & Yo La Tengo


on the album V.O.T.E.

(USA) CD Yep Roc Records 2004

Chris Stamey & The db's

I Thought You Wanted To Know

(US) Vinyl, 7" Single, Car Records CRR 7, 1978

And included on DIY: Shake It Up! - American Power Pop II CD
(US) Rhino Records R2 71178, 1993

And on Children of Nuggets: Original Artyfacts from the Second Psychedelic Era - 1976-1995 Box Set
(US) Rhino Records, 2005


Marquee Moon (performed live)


Love Comes In Spurts

B-side of the Please Kleen 7" single.

(US) Vinyl, WorryBird Disks, WorryBird #16 1993

Matthew Sweet And Susanna Hoffs

Marquee Moon (10:40)

on the Deluxe Version of the album Under The Covers Vol. 2

(USA) CD Shout! Factory, ASCM-6065 2009


Days (3:33)

on the 7" single Setting Sun

(USA) Cobraside Distribution Inc. - CSD7 1404 2014
Released for Record Store Day Black Friday 2014


Guiding Light

on their self-released single Guiding Light

(USA) September 2012

Test Patterns CD(2000)

A fan tribute CD. (More info. here)

Track listing:
Keith Allison/SRF-2109: Prayer (Dub) (5:17)
Fine: See No Evil (3:27)
Leif Joley: Miss Emily (4:04)
Eric Wenner: A Town Called Walker (3:28)
Sand Pebbles: Sixteen Tulips (4:39)
Steve Divenuta: Misty Eyes (3:25)
Maurice Rickard: Flash Lightning (4:02)
Lounge Hounds: Guiding Light (5:14)
Sam Inglis: Carried Away (3:40)
Raymond Gorman: Lightning Struck Itself (4:15)
Joe Hartley: Prove It (4:38)
Shallow End: Friction (4:30)
Greg Grant: Postcard From Waterloo (3:33)
Chris Chapple: Guiding Light (5:46)

Russ Tolman

See No Evil

on the Flexi-disc, 7", Promo

(USA) Given away with Issue No. 37 of The Bob Magazine


See No Evil (3:55)

(USA) PUPsnakeRecords 2013

Trotsky Icepick

Venus (3:50)

on the album The Ultraviolet Catastrophe

(USA) LP SST SST-279 1991
(USA) CD SST SSTCD-279 1991
(USA) Cassette SST SSTC-279 1991

Umphrey’s McGee

Marquee Moon

Performed live at The Green Apple Music Festival, CBGB, New York NY on 21st April 2006.

Mike Watt

Little Johnny Jewel (performed live)
Friction (performed live)
Venus (performed live)
See No Evil (performed live)

Former Minuteman/fIREHOSE bassist Mike Watt often does Television covers in his live sets with The Pair Of Pliers or The Missingmen, especially when playing with guitarist Nels Cline.  Little Johnny Jewel is almost always in his set, and he's also been heard to play Friction and See No Evil at various times. 

We Versus the Shark

See No Evil (4:24)

on the album Murmurmur

(US) Quote Unquote Records 2008

When Beauty Meets Abuse CD(2002)

A fan tribute CD. (More info. here)

Track listing:
Wavewalkers: Dreamtime (3:58)
Greg Grant: There's A Reason (3:49)
Joe Hartley: Ain't It Time (4:35)
Keith Allison/SRF-2109: Hard On Love (3:54)
Cheesemakers: Without A Word (3:00)
Maurice Rickard: Souvenir From A Dream (5:59)
Bibi Farber: Prove It (4:49)
Russ Van Rooy: Days (3:23)
Greg Luvvox: Mary Marie (3:50)
Per Rosen: The Only Feeling (5:54)

The Wild Flowers


on the 12" vinyl EP Broken Chains

(UK) 12" 12chap23 1988


Marquee Moon (performed live)

Wild Flag

See No Evil (performed live)

The Windbreakers

Glory (3:57)

on the Terminal album

(UK) LP Homestead HMS005 distributed by Dutch East Indies Trading Company 1985

and At Home with Bobby and Tim

(USA) LP DB RECS DB 95 1989
(USA) LP DB RECS DB 95 1989

and a live version (7:07) on Boxing Day, which also contains a cover of Richard Lloyd's Blue and Grey (6:22)

Wire Faces

Marquee Moon
See No Evil
Little Johnny Jewel
Marquee Moon

(all performed live)

at Denver Does CBGB's - 29-10-2011. Hear them HERE

Yung Wu

Kingdom Come (performed live)

Side-project of the Feelies' Glenn Mercer, Dave Weckerman and Bill Million.

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The Damned

Idiot Box (4:48) A song about Television from their second album Music For Pleasure - this was apparently a less than complimentary rebuke to Television after their treatment of the Damned as support act on a (UK) tour in 1977.

(UK) LP Stiff 5 1977
(UK) CD Demon 1991

Sample lyric: Tom Verlaine you may be art/but you sure ain't rock 'n' roll...people standing in the rain/just to see a dream Verlaine/ supersonic, oh come back soon/cos all we got is a Marquee Moon"

Elvis Costello

(Spotted by Douglas Wolk) on Elvis Costello's song "You Bowed Down" on "All This Useless Beauty", just as it's starting to fade out, his guitar solo quotes the lead guitar part from "Marquee Moon".

CD Warner Brothers 46198 1996
LP Warner Brothers 46198 1996
Cassette Warner Brothers 46198

The Family Cat's

12" single and CD single Tom Verlaine and album Tell 'em We're Surfin' contain a song titled Tom Verlaine (3:53).

(UK) 12" single BGRLTO1 1989
(USA) EP Dedicated 66137-2 1993
(USA) CD Dedicated 66137 1993
(UK) CD Bad Girl ‎– BGRLCD 01 1989

“The single isn’t actually about Tom Verlaine – that was just the working title. A useful reference point. Effectively it was just built around the idea of growing up, getting older and how you remember certain times certain people. The first verse is about a birthday party I had when I was 17. I don’t remember if Television were played, but I can imagine the probably would’ve been. If it makes people go out and buy a couple of Television records then we couldn’t be happier.” Paul Frederick


The lyrics of the song The Ghost of Tom Verlaine on the spoken-word w/ music album Lizard Link repeatedly quote from Verlaine's spoken lyrics in live versions of 'Little Johnny Jewel'.

(USA) Downloadable CD, Life Underwater Music 2009

The Go-Betweens

The Go-Betweens' The Friends of Rachel Worth contains a song about Patti Smith called "When She Sang About Angels" by Robert Forster.  It contains the lines "When she sang about a boy/Kurt Cobain/I thought what a shame it wasn't about/ Tom Verlaine"

(USA) LP EFA 5425 2000
(USA) CD Jetset 31 2000
(EC) LP EFA LP 05425

Loud Family

Scott Miller of the Loud Family quotes Venus, alongside John Lennon, the Pixies, Tommy James and TS Eliot in his song He Do the Police in Different Voices on the album Plants and Birds and Rocks and Things.

(USA) CD Alias 33 1992
(USA) LP Alias A033 1992

Sand Pebbles

Eight Miles High a Television (7:48)
An instrumental track on Sand Pebbles first album Shakes, built around The Byrds' "Eight Miles High" and the guitar lines from Television's "Friction" and "Marquee Moon".

(Australia) CD Sand Pebbles 1999

The Waterboys

Some of My Best Friends Are Trains (6:01)
On the remastered edition of the album A Pagan Place (originally released 1984) this song contains the repeated refrain, "And they all just wanna look like Richard Hell and Tom Verlaine/Some of my best friends are trains."

CD, Chrysalis – 7243 5 37704 2 6, 2002.

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"Rock at the Edge"

(USA) LP Arista ALB6-8436 1977
(USA) Cassette Arista ACB6-8436 1977

Includes See No Evil performed by Televison and Richard Hell and The Voidoids' Blank Generation

"Singles - The Great New York Singles Scene"

(USA) LP ROIR 116 1992
(USA) CD ROIR 116 1992
(USA) Cassette ROIR 116 1992
(UK) Cassette ROIR A-116 1992
(France) CD ROIR/Danceteria DANCD077

Includes Little Johnny Jewel performed by Televison at Patti Smith's rehearsal loft on 19/8/75 (and remixed by Tom Verlaine in 1982). Also includes Patti Smith's Piss Factory single, on which Tom Verlaine plays guitar, and Richard Hell and The Voidoids' Blank Generation

"The Alternative"

(USA) CD Capitol Records DPRO-79610 1993

Capital Records promotional CD

Includes In World

"Rebellious Jukebox"

(UK) CD 1993

Compilation CD produced by Melody Maker magazine.

Includes the version of Marquee Moon from The Blow Up and also Richard Hell's "Love Comes In Spurts" from R.I.P.

"DIY Blank Generation - The NY Scene 1975-78"

(USA) CD Rhino 71175 1993
(USA) Cassette Rhino 71175 1993

Includes See No Evil and Venus.
Also Richard Hell and The Voidoids' Blank Generation and Love Comes In Spurts.

"New York Punk"

(Greece) Official promo CD released only with Greek magazine. Digipack cover

Call Mr Lee.

"1234: Punk and New Wave 1976-1979"

(UK) CD Box Set Universal 1999

Includes Marquee Moon and Richard Hell and The Voidoids' Blank Generation

"No thanks! The '70s Punk Rebellion"

(USA) CD Box Set Rhino 2003

Includes Little Johnny Jewel and See No Evil

MOJO Presents "I Love NY Punk!"

Free CD with MOJO magazine, November 2005

Includes the version of See No Evil from The Blow Up.

OMOIYARI FOR JAPAN "International Music Rescue vol.1

(Japan) Vinyl Japan 2011
For a charity for Tsunami/Earthquake disaster in Japan.

Includes an unreleased Television song called Mistakes;

Also contains a new song from Tom Verlaine called Leaves and, from Richard Lloyd, Glurp from his "Radiant Monkey" album.

The Old Grey Whistle Test Live [Box set]

(UK) CD boxset, BBC, 2012

Includes a live version of Foxhole recorded for The Old Grey Whistle Test 16th May 1978

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