A listing of live Verlaine videos known to exist. Often amateur-shot or captured from broadcast TV.

00/00/82    The Old Grey Whistle Test (BBC TV)
Days On The Mountain parts 1 and 2.

Tom Verlaine - La Edad de Oro, Spain

TVE Studios, Madrid, September 25, 1984, PAL, 4:3,
78:43 minutes

01. Glory
02. Miss Emily
03. Red Leaves
04. Rotation
05. Souvenir From A Dream
06. Penetration
07. Dissolve / Reveal
08. Kingdom Come
09. Swim
10. Clear It Away
11. Marquee Moon


13/02/87    The Tube (Channel 4, British TV)

Tom Verlaine performs A Town Called Walker and Bomb, backed by Love And Money.

Tom Verlaine and Jimmy Rip - Benicassim Festival, Spain

TVVI Broadcast DVD (PAL), July 2006, 70 mins

The Day on You
Souvenir from a Dream
The Sea
Little Johnny Jewel
The Earth is in the Sky
Nice Actress
Kingdom Come
Words from the Front
Prove It

Tom Verlaine and Jimmy Rip - Music for Experimental Film

KINO, 2007, 78 mins
Newly composed musical scores played to grounbreaking short films.
(Contains no live concert footage)

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