A listing of live Television videos known to exist. Often amateur-shot or captured from broadcast TV.

Blank Generation (54 mins)

A film by Ivan Kral and Amos Poe. Features Television, the Ramones, the Heartbreakers, Talking Heads, the Patti Smith Group, Blondie and several other acts of the time.

Also released on DVD with "Dancing Barefoot" (1:54).

00/00/74    Rehearsal in Ork Loft

60 minutes.

Black and white video of the band rehearsing in the Ork Loft.

00/00/74    Rehearsal in Ork Loft transfer to DVD

60 minutes.  Black and white video of the band rehearsing in the Ork Loft.

16th May 1978    The Old Grey Whistle Test (BBC TV)

5 minutes - Foxhole.

06/26/92    Glastonbury Festival, U.K.

55 minutes     Good

12/03/92    Academy, New York

85 minutes NTSC DVD

11/20/92    Later With Jools transfer to DVD

Intro / In World / 1880 Or So / alternative OGWT, 1978 version of Foxhole

02/27/93    Georgetown University, Washington., DC

90 minutes     Very Good

02/27/93    "Evacuate The Area!"
Georgetown University, Washington., DC

1hr 42m NTSC DVD (audience amateur shot).      Very Good

02/00/93    ABC’s In Concert

10 minutes - Call Mr. Lee promo film and short interview.

Trying To Television: Video Anthology Vol. 1: 1974-1984

Adventure Disc DVD, ADVD 001, 2005, 93 mins. Video compilation of the following:

Ork Loft rehearsal 1974
LittleJohnny Jewel/O Mi Amore (from Blank Generation 1975)
Foxhole (OGWT UKTV 1978)
Words From The Front (Promo clip 1982)
Clear It Away (Promo clip 1982)
Days On The Mountain Parts 1 and 2 (OGWT UKTV 1978)
Five Miles Of You (Promo clip 1984)

Trying To Television: Video Anthology Vol. 2: 1985-2001

Adventure Disc DVD, ADVD 002, 2005, 96 mins
Video compilation of the following:

Verlaine, Spanish TV concert 1985
A Town Called Walker (Promo clip 1987)
Foxhole/A Town Called Walker/Bomb (The Tube, UKTV 1987)
Call Mr Lee (Promo clip 1991)
1880 or So/Call Mr Lee/Glory (Fuji Rock Festival 2001)

Television Live in Brazil 2005 Footstomp, FSVD-291, 2006, 85 mins

Television's appearance at the Tim Festival, October 23rd 2005:
Introduction / 1880 or So / Venus / Call Mr Lee / Prove It / Little Johnny Jewel / See No Evil / Knockin' on Heaven's Door / Marquee Moon

6/16/2007    Summerstage, Central Park, NYC.

59:31 minutes, NTSC Format. Contains most of the Television performance, shot by a handheld camcorder.

Television at Shepherd's Bush Empire, 2014
The Marquee Moon Show

Television's appearance at Shepherd's Bush Empire, London, July 27th 2014:
swells / see no evil / prove it / 1880 or so / torn curtain / friction / i'm gonna find you / elevation / little johnny jewel / venus / guiding light / marquee moon / glory / psychotic reaction

PAL Format. 19:9. Excellenty quality video & audio, Audience filmed, One central camera on tripod.

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