Tom Verlaine / Television Quiz:

Part Two: Basics for Television Buffs

1) What was the name of Verlaine’s first band for a short period of time in 1973? (15 points)

2) What was Richard Hell’s real name? (20 points)

  • a) Richard Taylor
  • b) Richard Stern
  • c) Richard Meyers
  • d) Richard Franklin Fliegler

3) What was the name of the bookstore in NYC in which Verlaine worked? (20 points)

  • a) The Brattle Book Store
  • b) The Strand Book Store
  • c) Avenue Victor Hugo Book Store
  • d) St. Mark’s Books

4) What did the initials CBGB originally stand for? (25 points)

  • a) Cheap Beer & Good Blues
  • b) Cycles, Beer & Gang Boys
  • c) Country Blue Grass & Blues

5) (i) What was the name of the Patti Smith single in June 1974 on which Tom Verlaine played guitar? (20 points)
(ii) What was the name of the song that Verlaine co-wrote and played lead guitar on Patti Smith’s first album, Horses? (10 points)

  • a) ‘Kimberly’
  • b) ‘Birdland’
  • c) ‘Elegie’
  • d) ‘Break It Up’

6) What was the name of label on which Television’s first single, ‘Little Johnny Jewel’, was recorded? (15 points)

7) True or false: Television’s first album, Marquee Moon, reached number 28 on the United Kingdom charts? (15 points)

8) Which song on Adventure was co-written by Richard Lloyd? (30 points)

  • a) ‘Days’;
  • b) ‘Glory’
  • c) ‘Ain’t That Nothin’
  • d) Foxhole

9) Who was the engineer on the album Marquee Moon who, when he heard the two Fender guitars without fuzztones, pre-amps or Marshalls said, "What kind of trip is this?" ? (20 points)

  • a) Alan Lanier
  • b) Andy Johns
  • c) Bob Clearwater

10) What was the name of Television’s/Tom Verlaine’s publishing company in the 1970s until around 1985? (20 points)

11) For what group did Billy Ficca play drums after the first breakup of Television? (30 points)

  • a) The dBs
  • b) The Waitresses
  • c) The Reducers
  • d) The Shoes