Tom Verlaine / Television Quiz:

Part Five: Complete the Lyrics

COMPLETE THE LYRICS BELOW BY FILLING IN THE BLANKS (60 points for each completed line)

1) ‘I know how easy things can rot, I need your blank1 blank2.’

2) ‘I was torn out by the roots, and laid out to dry. My head was spinning; blank1, blank2, blank3!

3) ‘… well, I’m forgetting things blank1 blank2 blank3 blank4.’

4) ‘Travel fulfills you, but the distance blank1 blank2 blank3.’

5) ‘Broadway, it looked so medieval, it seemed to blank1 blank2 blank3 blank4

6) ‘Rosie Rosie … the violets bloom … no blank1 blank2 blank3 blank4 blank5.

7) ‘I’ve been given a fortune … a fortune in blank1

8) ‘Thirty lights in a row, every one of them blank1.’

9) ‘Consider the lilies of the field and how they grow. I’m like that except I'm blank1 blank2.’

10) ‘Walking slowly into romance, lions roaring by the entrance. Saw you standing in my heartbeat, blank1 blank2 blank3 blank4 blank5.’

11) "She said, ‘Oh no, I guess it is my fate, to live a life I blank1 blank2’."

12) "I finally found your note, underneath the bed. It said, ‘You’re not too smooth, goodbye blank1’."

13) ‘Lonely man in a lonely town. Key words… blank1 blank2

14) ‘How you remind me . . it’s the pattern on your blouse. It’s really so funny . . it gets me blank1 blank2.’

15) ‘The river’s so muddy, but it may blank1 blank2.’