Tom Verlaine / Television Quiz:

Part Six: For Verlaine/Television Mavens

1) (i) What were the first two musical instruments that Verlaine took up as a youngster?

  • a) guitar and drums;
  • b) acoustic guitar and electric keyboards;
  • c) piano and saxophone;
  • d) electric bass and electric guitar (65 points )
1(ii) How old was he when he first started playing an instrument?
  • a) 10;
  • b) 6;
  • c) 12 (60 points);
1(iii) Approximately how old was Tom when he first started composing songs? (75 points)
  • a) 5th grade;
  • b) 10th grade;
  • c) 8th grade

2(i) Where did Television play its first gig? (50 points)

  • a) The Mercer Center;
  • b) CBGBs;
  • c) Town House Theater
2(ii) When? (50 points)
  • a) March 30, 1974;
  • b) March 2, 1974;
  • c) March 30, 1975

3(i) Where did Television play it’s last gig in the 1970s? (35 points)

  • a) The Palladium
  • b) Bottom Line
  • c) CBGBs
3(ii) When? (65 points)
  • a) July 29, 1978
  • b) the night of a full moon in September 1978
  • c) December 21, 1978

4) True or false - the guitar solos on the song ‘Foxhole’ were recorded in one take? (25 points)

5) Where was Tom born? (45 points)

  • a) Mt. Morris, New Jersey
  • b) Wilmington Delaware
  • c) New York, New York

6(i) Who introduced Richard Lloyd to Tom Verlaine? (25 points)

  • a) John Cale
  • b) Debbie Harry
  • c) Terry Ork
  • d) Johnny Ramone
6(ii) Where did this initial meeting take place? (70 points)
  • a) Max’s Kansas City
  • b) My Father’s Place
  • c) Reno Sweeney’s

7) Besides Television and his post-1978 solo groups, name three of the four bands in which Richard Lloyd has played guitar? (15 points each)

8) On their American tour after the release of Adventure, Television was the opening act in 2500-seat venues for someone whose audiences did not warmly receive Television. For whom was Television the opening act? (50 points)

  • a) King Crimson
  • b) Graham Parker
  • c) Pat Metheney
  • d) Peter Gabriel

9) The beginning of which Tom Verlaine song has a dog barking on it? (30 points)

10) The song ‘The Blue Robe’ is completely instrumental except for one word. What is this one word? (25 points)

11) Why did Richard Lloyd quit Television for about three days in the summer of 1975? HINT: It was not due to a drug problem. (55 points)

12) Who was Peter Laughner and what was his connection to the band Television in the 1970s? (65 points)