Tom Verlaine / Television Quiz:

Part Eight: For Fan(atic)s

1) Name a classical music composer whose symphonies Tom listened to on records in the 2nd grade? (50 points)

2) Name six jazz musicians whom Tom listened to on records around the 7th grade? (65 points for each musician)

3) Name the B-side of a single by The Byrds that Tom especially liked? (185 points)

4) Besides The Byrds, name four other rock groups/songs that Tom heard when in the 7th grade and later said: "Those are the records that made me think the guitar could be as good as jazz. Up until then the electric guitar was a stupid instrument to me. When I heard the solos on those records, the sound, the general sound, that’s when it occurred to me that the guitar was a cool instrument." ? (40 points each group / 90 points each song)

5) When Tom Verlaine performed live with his band in the 1980’s, what Elvis Presley song would he sometimes do a cover version during the encore? (100 points)

  • a) ‘It’s Now or Never’
  • b) ‘Mystery Train’
  • c) (‘You’re A Hunk of) Burning Love
  • d) ‘Little Sister’

6) According to Tom Verlaine the intro guitar part (and which repeats thereafter) of the song ‘Marquee Moon’ is the horn part of the singer/songwriter, Blank1 Blank2’s, song called Blank1 Blank2 Blank3? (250 points for the singer/songwriter, 50 points for the song)

7) On Television’s album Adventure, one of the most stunning and captivating guitar riffs had a strange origin. Verlaine: "I had read that Wagner would write something and then write it out backwards. He’d have violins play the main theme backwards. I thought that was interesting. And I always liked The Byrds so I asked Lloyd if he could play ‘Mr. Tambourine Man’ backwards. We took that and changed it a little bit and that became ‘Blank1’." What song on Adventure is Tom talking about? (150 points)

  • a) ‘Careful’
  • b) ‘Foxhole’
  • c) ‘Days’
  • d) ‘Glory’
8) True or false: Tom had a twin brother who died when Tom was in his mid-30s? (55 points)

9) When Television reformed in 1992 they sometimes did a final encore of a cover of the song, ‘Don’t Need Your Loving Anymore’. What group first recorded this song? (100 points)

  • a) Roky Erickson
  • b) The Chocolate Watchband
  • c) Moby Grape
  • d) The Seeds

10) In concert many of Tom’s songs have additional or extemporized lyrics.

(i) In a live performance of ‘The Scientist Writes A Letter’, can you complete the additional lyrics: ‘Got your postcard, the one from Greece, looks like some blank1 blank2 blank3 blank4.’ (400 points)

(ii) In a live performance of ‘Rhyme’, can you complete the additional lyrics: ‘That old blue dress is about worn out, you can blank1 blank2 blank3 blank4.’ (50 points)

11) Verlaine is known to have extremely eclectic musical tastes.

(i) What is the name of the TV show whose melody was written by Henry Mancini that Verlaine thinks is so great? (400 points)

  • a) 'Secret Agent Man'
  • b) 'The Avengers'
  • c) 'The Pink Panther'
  • d) 'Mr. Lucky'
(ii) Snippets of the music used in what other old American TV show (not listed here) did Tom particularly like? (125 points)

12) What was the lowest number that Tom’s second solo album, Dreamtime, ever registered on the U.S. music charts in 1981? (250 points)

  • a) #177
  • b) #66
  • c) # 101

13) (i) Phonogram Records revives its Fontana label for Verlaine’s Flash Light, but the record only sells how many copies? (150 points)

  • a) 25,000
  • b) 10,000
  • c) 40,000
(ii) The record reached what number on the UK charts? (200 points) a) #25 b) #99 c) # 40

14) Who is Mario Salvati? (100 points)

15) Which word has never been used in a review of Tom’s music? (20 points)

  • a) elliptical
  • b) oneiric
  • c) boogie
  • d) Symbolist
  • e) disembodied

16) The live versions of the following songs have what in common? ‘Glory’, ‘Kingdom Come, ‘There’s a Reason’, ‘Rotation’, ‘1880 Or So’ (100 points)

17) Who said: "... There are always those people with no sense of aesthetics. They may be in the majority now. I’m wondering about that. But it seems to me that there’s always room for something different. Something new. Sooner or later, people will hear it. In this country it’s all radio." (55 points)

  • a) Hal Milgren, head of Capital Records, 1992
  • b) Clive Davis, head of Arista Records, 2000
  • c) Dave Bates, A&R man for Phonogram/Fontana Records, May 1990
  • d) Tom Verlaine, Guitar World, November 1981