Tom Verlaine / Television Quiz:

Part Four: The Lyrics and ‘Tunes’

Although the lyrics below tend to lose a great deal of their emotional power when heard unaccompanied by Tom Verlaine’s guitar work, the reader is asked to MATCH THE LYRICS, 1 through 26, TO THE SONG TITLES, a through z, BELOW (50 points each)

1) "Last night I drifted down to the docks, the water . . . glittering and black. The snow fell lightly and disappeared. I felt the old ropes grow slack."

2) "When I hear your voice the arrow flies, the streets turn silver and the fools get wise."

3) "Tight toy night, streets were so bright. The world looked so thin, and between my bones and skin there stood another person who was a little surprised, to be face to face with a world so alive."

4) "The stars are out, they’re writing on my brow. Your names, your qualities I could drink them."

5) "I was listening, listening - to the rain. I was hearing, hearing - something else."

6) "Up on the high, high hills - with my floating friend, watchin’ all the silver - no one will ever spend."

7) "Well, I walked in the pouring rain, and I heard the voice that cries it’s all in vain."

8) "It’s funny how attractive indifference can be. My sense of failure … it’s not so important. Electricity means so much more to me."

9) "Someone came in the middle of the night… threw me in a room without walls."

10) "We tried so many things to find out how it felt. Now you say get lost, well don’t that buckle my belt."

11) "Discover dishonor with its thousand commands. It ain’t worth a shot, that target is sand."

12) "Well I love to watch you from first light to day. You’re the rainbow darling, the special kind that never fades."

13) "I take my oath and I make my vow. For the tender things are upon me now."

14) "I have to face what’s never there."

15) "One by one, the lights go out. Names are forgotten. There’s darkness in the house.’"

16) "Deep is the longing that I feel, it’s like a light that goes right through. It’s something I’d like to solve - the mystery of the pleasure of you.’"

17) "My tongue - it clattered like tin."

18) "He had no decisions. Just tryin’ to tell a vision …"

19) "Oh no. Can’t pull a trick. Never the rose, without the prick. But tell me how do I say. I woke up and it was yesterday."

20) "What does the dove see, there at the window … a man and woman furious.’"

21) "You’re a graduate of the Reemco School of Numbness, and you walk in here with your fifteen degrees, telling everyone you knew they must be some kind of puppet, and how the big mirage… it is your specialty."

22) "He’ll know the code is broken. Tell him, ‘the dog is turning red."

23) ‘The seasons pass. It’s so quiet; I hear the raindrops splashing on the leaves. Somehow it brings your face to me. And the tappin’ of a branch on my windowpane, somehow it’s ravishing my sense of time."

24) "I believe I’ll move to the junkyard and live in my old shack. I’ll take my place at the junkyard, I ain’t a-comin’ back."

25) "If I ever catch that ventriloquist, I’ll squeeze his head right into my fist."

26) "Hail Mary, full of grace... I don’t know how to talk… no. I don’t know how to think… uh uh… I just lay there… lay there."

a) ‘Venus’
b) ‘The Scientist Writes A Letter’
c) ‘Call Mr. Lee’
d) ‘Little Johnny Jewel’
e) ‘Ain’t That Nothin’
f) ‘Fragile’
g) ‘Carried Away’
h) ‘Breakin In My Heart’
i) ‘Friction’
j) ‘The Fire’
k) ‘Penetration’
l) ‘Flash Lightning’
m) ‘Days’
n) ‘A Future in Noise’
o) ‘1880 Or So’
p) ‘Marquee Moon’
q) ‘Bomb’
r) ‘Prayer’
s) ‘The Grip of Love’
t) ‘Kingdom Come’
u) ‘O’Foolish Heart’
v) ‘5 Miles of You’
w) ‘Lindi Lu’
x) ‘Pillow’
y) ‘Guiding Light’
z) ‘Without A Word’